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Radio Obozrevatel Disco 80 Радіо в прямому ефірі

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Radio Obozrevatel Disco 80 is a popular radio station based in the bustling city of Kiev, Ukraine. With a focus on disco music from the 80s, this channel is dedicated to providing listeners with a high-energy and nostalgic listening experience. Whether you're a fan of classics like Michael Jackson and Madonna, or looking to discover new hits from the era, this channel is the perfect destination for lovers of disco music alike.

While primarily serving the region of Kiev, Radio Obozrevatel Disco 80 also attracts listeners from across Ukraine who share a passion for the timeless sounds of the 80s disco scene. With a diverse range of programs and shows, including live broadcasts, interviews, and exclusive mixes, the station promises to keep listeners entertained round the clock.

Listeners can tune in to Radio Obozrevatel Disco 80 at any time and expect a high-quality and energetic experience that will keep them dancing and singing all day long.
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