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Lounge FM Радіо в прямому ефірі

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Lounge FM is a popular radio channel that is based in Kiev, Ukraine. It is primarily designed for the listeners who love listening to lounge and chill-out music. The channel broadcasts its content through the choice of the best songs that soothe the mind and body, providing a smooth and relaxing atmosphere. The station has a wide coverage area, and its programs are intended for listeners across Ukraine.

The station's program schedule includes popular and entertaining shows, such as "Good Morning Lounge" and "After Work Lounge," offering a great blend of music and news updates. These programs are hosted by professional and experienced presenters who keep the listeners entertained and engaged throughout the broadcast.

Lounge FM boasts of a large audience base, and its popularity continues to soar every day. With its soothing and relaxing music, it's no wonder that the station has become a household name for listeners who enjoy a good dose of relaxation.
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